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Topic Modeling

Topic Modeling1 is a statistical method to train a model by some pre-defined texts and then use it to determine the topic of new, un-trained texts.

What is his/her profession?

Currently, only one pre-trained topic model is available: wp-2022-jobs which was trained on some articles from the wp-2022 corpus2. The model knows 4 different professions (in German):

  • Wissenschaftler (scientist)
  • Politiker (politicans)
  • Musiker (musician)
  • Sportler (athlete)

If you enter a person's name (who need to have a Wikipedia article, so entering your own name maybe will not work), the system will try to "guess" which job the person is doing. Entering "Olaf Scholz" (the German chancellor) gives "Politiker" (politican) as highest propability:

What is his/her profession?

  1. You can find more information about Topic Modeling in the corresponding Wikipedia article 

  2. The Python library Gensim was used to create the model