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This is a helper module to work with Part of Speech tags. Currently, it contains only the German STTS, structured in the following dictionaries:


  • Tagsets.stts["all]: a list with all STTS tags
  • Tagsets.stts["nouns"]
  • Tagsets.stts["adjectives"]
  • Tagsets.stts["numbers"]
  • Tagsets.stts["verbs"]
  • Tagsets.stts["articles"]
  • Tagsets.stts["pronouns"]
  • Tagsets.stts["adverb"]
  • Tagsets.stts["conjunctions"]
  • Tagsets.stts["adpositions"]
  • Tagsets.stts["particle"]
  • Tagsets.stts["misc"]


The dictionary sttsColors contains for every STTS tag a color, for example:

sttsColors["NN"] = "#ed1c24"