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Via Concordances you can search for a special word in a corpus and display it, together with its surrounding content. The following shows the options:

Options for concordances

Select a corpus, enter the word you are searching for and specify windows to the left and to the right. These windows are defining how many words sorrounding the word you are searching for will be displayed. For example, setting both left and right windows to two will give back 5 words in every result: the word you searched for, two words to the left and two to the right.


Both left and right windows will not go over a sentence border, neither at the beginning, nor at the end of a sentence. Instead, the missing content will be filled with "NONE".

The "Maximum number of results" specifies how many hits you will get at maximum. If the option "Only clean results (without empty NONE fields around the word)" is activated, you will get only results where no "NONE" fields have to be added.

Concordance results with NONE fillers

Concordance results without NONE fillers

By clicking on the Sentence button, the whole sentence of the concordance will be displayed.