RDA ENVRI Summerschool 2017

RDA EU – ENVRI Summer School on Data Management and Data Science 12 – 16 June 2017 in Helsinki/Espoo, Finland

Data Science is a new methodology to better understand the complexity of environmental, living and societal systems and to exploit the huge amount of data being generated for scientific and business interests. Professional Data Science requires a deep understanding in techniques for efficient Data Management. It is not surprising that scientific labs and also industry are desperately looking for well-trained Data Scientists (DS) and Data Managers (DM). Yet there is no clear distinction in the job profiles and it makes sense to be trained in both sides of the same coin.

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New Page Online

I switched my personal webpage to WordPress.
While cleaning up the old web page, I deleted some very old things. If you miss something, please let me know.
In general, I will now write this page in English. Some left overs from the old page will be still in German.