At Work

In summer semester 2021: teaching a seminar “Höhere Programmierung” at the “Centrum für Informations und Sprachverarbeitung” at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Since August 2013: data scientist at the Max Planck Computing and Data Facility in Garching (Munich).

“Shepherd” in the EOSC TextCrowd Pilot

Responsible for develoment and maintenance of the NOMAD Repository.

Co chair of the RDA working group “Research Data Collections”. Development and maintenance of the “Term Definition Tool” (TeD-T) of the DFT interest group.

Working on user requirements in EUDAT.

Development of “Tags & Components” (Taco), a metadata management system.

From 2011-2013: Technical Coordinator in CLARIN-D. Concept and development of WebLicht.